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Piggy's Restaurant

For Piggy's Restaurant, Over the years I have created a few different versions of their website with the idea of trying to stay up to date with the latest trends and making the site useable and friendly. The object was to look elegant with a flair of fun while also displaying all the different categories on the menu.  I did a few different usability studies to learn what people wanted and how to bucket each item on the menu. This was a fun website to work on. 

 I also work with the staff to manage their social media. 
While also designing all adds, menus, and publications.



Hog Heaven Ice Cream

For Hog Heaven Ice Cream, I worked with the staff and did a few usability studies to come up with a simple but fun design for their website.  Showcasing all the different toppings and flavors of ice cream.


Capital Yacht Club

Capital Yacht Club's website is still in the process of being revamped. This project is ongoing with lots of different variables.  The website has 3 target audience with mutable personas.  The goal is for the transit or a new client to be able to navigate and pay their bills online. The second goal is for the members to be able to log into a secure site with all the information with ease of navigation ability.