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I went to school for photography and teaching digital art. As my experience in these fields evolved I learned that I have a passion for user experience (UX), and user interface (UI). With these new interests I have taken on a new role within my career. I have been diving into marking within social media for a few different companies and applying my UX/UI skills to websites within the navy. I’m now looking to take a deeper dive into the UX/UI world. I’m really interested in the sociology of the user experience. Creating a beautiful product and enhancing customer satisfaction is very interesting to me. 

My Skillsets


 I want to learn empathy and perspective through unique problem solving to create a product that the user experience will love. 

I specialize in the UX Research and Design with added features like marketing within social media, photography, event planning, and business development.  

I’m proficient in design thinking, user research, affinity mapping, creating personas, prototyping, wire-framing, and UX design. I have ability to know how to use Adobe Creative Suite, Miro, Pop,  Sketch, InVision, Google Business and Education, Microsoft Office Suite (Admin 365) Apple products and lots more.  

My Passions


My life is always a rockin’: I live at the Wharf on a 65ft Bluewater yacht with my puppy Penny the Poochon. You can find me on a typical weeknight walking around the Wharf with #pennywigglebutts, socializing and enjoying the neighborhood. I also enjoy the occasional brunch with friends or a walk around a museum. Besides rocking life away on a beautiful yacht, my adventures have included everything from snowboarding and flyboarding to indoor rock climbing, kayaking and hiking.   

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Laura Davidson

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